Question: Which of the two do you enjoy most: humour or rumour?

Sri Chinmoy: Some people enjoy humour more than rumour, while others enjoy rumour more than humour. I am one of those who likes humour. If you identify yourself with humour, you do not lose anything. It is like watching a child dancing in the playground or playing in a garden; he is just jumping this side and that side. It is completely innocent. But in rumour there is so much poison. When you enjoy rumour, most of the time you identify yourself with the negative and destructive qualities of human beings. Sometimes you hold the poison for a few days or a few weeks and then you tell others. But each time you empty yourself to tell others, you take in more. That is why I always say that one of the main things that pulls seekers down is when they have very big ears and a very big nose, that is, when they consciously enjoy rumours.