Instructive jokes

Dear Joshua:

You want to know from me if so-called silly jokes can ever be instructive. I wish to tell you that sometimes they can be not only instructive but most instructive. Dear Joshua, you are now young and green. You are now in the seventh heaven of romantic life. Do you know what Baudelaire said? He said: "A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle." I am sure you will agree with Baudelaire. But I want to tell you that when you start drinking the bottle of wine, one day it will be all used up, and it will naturally turn into a wine bottle. At that time, who can be your bottle of wine, nay, nectar? God and God alone.

Do not worry. Some day you are bound to taste God's Nectar. Again, if you want the largest bottle of divinely intoxicating wine for your life-long use, dear Joshua, then your life's partner must be spiritual, absolutely spiritual.

Joshua, your name means, 'whom God has saved'. So you are lucky. God has already saved you by giving you a spiritual soul which you will use for God and which will use you for God.

I am mighty happy that God has saved you. I am truly happy that you two will work for God, my Beloved Supreme.

Love and blessings,


Jan. 12, 1969