Interviewer: I understand you will be giving a concert in Chicago on September 18th.

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. That is another way for me to offer my service to mankind. For about two hours I shall play on various instruments and sing. This will be done prayerfully, and the audience also will remain in a prayerful and soulful consciousness. I am so grateful to the audience. They observe pindrop silence and they join me in my prayer and meditation.

Very often I dedicate my concerts to some individual who is responsible for bringing about world peace. I have dedicated many, many concerts to President Mikhail Gorbachev. He is a very, very close friend of mine and he has been extremely kind to me. I have the deepest admiration for him. Because of him, the two Germanies have now become one Germany, and so many other countries have been liberated. He has worked so hard to bring about world peace.

I wish to thank you for your most sincere questions. May I know your name please?