David Rumsey: Do you find that the organ, then, is a kind of transcendence in your own life?

Sri Chinmoy: In my case, the organ seems to be the highest peak. I have been playing quite a few instruments for the past ten years. Sometimes I play up to one hundred instruments. Usually I play thirty instruments in my concerts. But the organ is like the highest pinnacle, it is the culmination. When I play the organ, I feel myself complete. It is something deep within me. It is like the blossoming of the tree, a fully blossomed tree. Whereas, when I play other instruments — flute or cello or violin or viola — there I see a few beautiful flowers on a particular branch, a few most beautiful flowers. But, when I play the organ, I feel that the whole tree has blossomed fully and gloriously to my satisfaction. Here I feel my hunger, musical hunger, is satisfied completely.

David Rumsey: Well, Sri Chinmoy, thank you very much for granting us this interview. You have been very gracious and thank you very much once again.

Sri Chinmoy: You have been extremely kind to me. My heart is all gratitude to you. I have heard so much about you and I am extremely, extremely grateful to have been allowed to play here and to be here with you. My heart is all gratitude to you.

David Rumsey: Thank you, Sri Chinmoy, thank you very much.