Part III

SCA 1261-1274. Sri Chinmoy made this remark and answered questions in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 24 December 2002.

My simple desire was to work on the train

Today most of the disciples are enjoying a train journey. I would definitely have gone if the condition of my leg had allowed me. For me, train journeys are most charming, enlightening and enriching. There everything is bliss.

When I was very young, I wanted to work on a train. My father was head of the junction between Chittagong and the Assam line. I used to get the greatest joy when we travelled by train. At first, I thought the most important person on the train was the one who held the lamp and the flag. I would say, “How I wish I could be like him!” Because he waved the flag, the train went, so I thought he was definitely the most important person. Then I saw that the most important person was the driver. Without him, the train could not go anywhere. Finally, I realised that the most important person was the stationmaster because he is the one who gives the order. Anyway, my simple desire was to work on the train.

When you have a desire, God can transform that desire into aspiration or He can pay no attention to your desire. In my case, on the one hand, God did not allow me to work on the train, but again, I am carrying more people in my boat than I could have carried in the railway train. I am carrying thousands of people, not only my disciples, but many friends, admirers and dear ones. So, in that sense, God has fulfilled my desire.