Question: Recently it happened twice that I knew in advance what you were going to say. Once I saw someone going out of the room and I felt that you would call her for some reason. A few seconds later you asked for that disciple. Then another time I knew in advance that you were going to offer somebody their spiritual name. I was wondering, is this intuition or is it tapping into something?

Sri Chinmoy: You are on the verge of realising God! [laughter] Actually it can be both. It can be intuition, or it can mean that at that point you have come to my wavelength. That level may not be my highest, but whichever level I was on, your consciousness was there so you were able to see what was happening. Had you been one level higher or lower, you could not have seen.

In a broad sense, you can say these things are intuition, but I prefer to say that your consciousness was at that time elevated to a particular plane. On a practical level, a real level, it is the level of consciousness. It is where I have put my consciousness that I want to operate on. Your consciousness happened to be there. So it is the same wavelength. That is why you were able to see.