Question: When we have an intense problem, is it better to pray to God to save us or should we concentrate on bringing in the opposite quality?

Sri Chinmoy: When you want an immediate result, at that time it is the right thing to do to pray to God, “Save me, save me, save me! Protect me!” But on a regular basis, it is better to offer the prayer, “O Supreme, do give me Your Light, give me Your Love, Your Peace, Your Delight.” The regular way will remain permanently. If you pray for these divine qualities regularly, then doubt will not remain inside you, insecurity will not be there, darkness will not be there.

Once you get a sudden attack, it is an emergency. Then it is absolutely necessary to say, “Help me, help me! Save me, save me!” That is the only way to get immediate relief. But on a daily basis, if you pray to the Supreme for His Protection, Love, Joy and so forth, you will be cured.

So one way will cure you, slowly and steadily, and the other way will save you, sooner than at once. Then again, you can have the same problem in the future, whereas if you are cured, the problem will not be repeated.