Like a fountain offer your aspiration and dedication spontaneously and sleeplessly

Supreme’s 100,000 Dream-Freedom-Peace-Birds CKG Sept. 26th, 1993

Just yesterday I completed 100,000 bird-drawings. Each bird is a God-messenger on earth. Each bird is a God-dream on earth. Each bird carries a human being to the Golden Shore. These 100,000 birds will be exhibited in Ottawa during the whole month of November.

Nineteen years ago, I started drawing, or you can say painting, in Ottawa. In Canada we started, on that glorious day! Again in Canada we shall continue with our glorious achievements. The 19th of November will be the 19th anniversary of our paintings. In Ottawa 100,000 birds will be exhibited, and I shall be dedicating the art exhibit to my most esteemed sister Raisa Maximovna, who is a supreme authority on art. Also, a year ago, she most graciously came and blessed our art exhibit in New York. I dedicated that art exhibit to her.

We are more than human beings. We are carrying the message of the Lord Supreme. This message is the message of freedom, the message of peace, the message of oneness. Dream is the source. From dream we get freedom, from freedom we get peace and from freedom we fly in the sky like the birds, we fly in the firmament of peace and bliss. On the strength of our aspiration-wings, at every moment we must fly high, higher, highest in the firmament of oneness, peace and bliss.

Today I am requesting all of you to come, appreciate and be part and parcel of my fountain-art. Like a fountain, if you can offer your aspiration and dedication spontaneously, sleeplessly, then there is absolute certainty that we shall be able to please our Lord Beloved Supreme in His own Way.

SCA 1279. Sri Chinmoy made these remarks on 26 September 1993, at Aspiration-Ground, at a celebration to mark his completion of 100,000 bird-drawings. Sri Chinmoy wrote on the blackboard. Supreme’s 100,000 Dream-Freedom-Peace-Birds. CKG Sept. 26th, 1993