Question: I feel that my love for you is really a gift of Grace. Since Grace is not conditional, how does the Supreme decide whom to give the Grace to?

Sri Chinmoy: In the ordinary human life, everything is always conditional: if you give me something, then I will give you something. You have to give me ten dollars, and then I will give you one dollar. Or I will give you ten dollars if you give me one dollar. There are always conditions, conditions, conditions.

When the Supreme gives something, He gives unconditionally and does not expect anything in return. But if you are wise, you will also give Him what you have and what you are. If you do not give what you have and what you are, then you will not be able to receive from Him. The infinite ocean is always ready to give everything that it has and is to the drop, so that the drop can become one with it. But if the drop does not also give itself to the ocean, then how can it receive the ocean's infinity? The ocean is always ready for you to receive it. But if you are not willing to give the drop that you are to the ocean, then how can you become the ocean?

Sunlight is for everybody. But if I keep my doors and windows closed, then I will not be able to receive it. The Supreme is constantly showering each and every individual with His infinite Light, His infinite Peace and His infinite Bliss. But we are receiving these things only according to our love for the Supreme and our need for the Supreme.

Great spiritual Masters do so many things for mankind unconditionally. They go here and there giving talks and holding meditations, but how many people come to receive from them? I give peace concerts, I write poems, I paint and draw. Many, many things I do that I do not have to do. Sri Krishna said that after God-realisation you do not have to do anything else. None of these things that I do will increase my God-realisation. But I write, paint, give concerts and do all these other things only to inspire others.