Question: When the Christ said, "I am the Way, the Goal," he did not say he was the only way, although that is how the Christian world has interpreted it. But when he said that, was he consciously aware of the Avatars who preceded him?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely he was aware of them. But when he said, "I am the Way, the Goal," he was right. At that time he had become inseparably one with his Heavenly Father, the Supreme. Lord Krishna said something similar. He said, "No matter whom you worship, no matter whom you take as your Guru, all your love, devotion and surrender will come to me because I am the Ultimate." When you realise the Highest, you become inseparably one with the Highest. Once the drop becomes one with the ocean, you cannot separate them. It is the ocean; they are one.

At the end of your road, no matter what road you take, you are bound to see this. Now you are seeing me as a human being, so you say, "Oh, you are with us on earth. How can you also be in the ever-transcending Beyond?" But the Supreme in me can be at many places at once. Lord Krishna showed Arjuna his Universal Form. When the disciple sees the Master's Universal Form, at that time he will really know that what the Master has been saying is one hundred per cent true. When the disciple sees the Infinite, at that time it will be easier for him to see the finite. If you see that somebody has millions of dollars in Heaven, then it is easy for you to believe that he has one dollar on earth.