Question: Have people who were disciples of other spiritual Masters in previous incarnations come to you in this incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, many have come. They have come from Sri Ramakrishna, Buddha, Sri Krishna, the Christ, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi and others. A few have also come who had been with me in my own previous incarnations. In Japan, when one of these souls recognised me, how he cried! In front of so many people he was crying and crying. Others also have recognised me, but they did not create such a scene. A few brothers and sisters of mine from previous incarnations have also joined our path. I even gave one disciple the same spiritual name that he had when he was with me before.

In my last incarnation, some seekers came to me in the evening of my life. I said, “Soon I will leave the body, but I will take another incarnation. Come back to me at the beginning of my journey in my next incarnation, when I shall be on earth for a long time.” When I started my journey in America, some of them did come back.