Question: What is the psychic being, and what does it do?

Sri Chinmoy: The psychic being comes from the soul and is the soul’s representative. Not everybody has a psychic being; it depends on the development of the soul. If the soul is very highly developed, then the psychic being will come. The psychic being tells the body, vital and mind what to do. They can listen to the soul directly if they want to. But sometimes they find it easier to listen to the psychic being than to the soul. The soul is the boss, and the psychic being is the soul’s cute little child. The boss tells his little child to show off and tell the office workers what he wants them to do. Sometimes it happens that the workers do not like listening to the boss, but when his cute child comes and tells them what to do, they will listen. They let the child boss them around, but they do not listen to the real boss. The psychic being, in a similar way, can sometimes inspire the body, vital and mind to listen to the soul.

The psychic being is an intermediary between the soul and the other members of the being. As the soul is the link between the Supreme and the rest of the being, so too the psychic being is the link between the soul, on the one hand, and the body, vital, mind and heart. The soul is ageless, but in appearance, the development of the psychic being stops when it is seventeen or eighteen years old. The psychic being can appear as a child of two or three years old, or older; but the fully blossomed psychic being will appear to be seventeen or eighteen, not older than that.