Question: Can a person have more than one psychic being?

Sri Chinmoy: You can have only one psychic being, but many vital beings. Sometimes vital beings become lazy or lethargic when there is no work for them to do. But when there is a battle within the person between the divine and the undivine, at that time the vital beings become very alert and active. During a war, even the most useless soldiers become dynamic. So when a serious war takes place between the soul and the other members of the being, all the vital beings take sides. They can take either the divine side or the undivine side. When they take the undivine side, usually the physical body's health suffers. Strangely enough, even when the vital beings have taken the side of the undivine, if the undivine wins the battle with their help, they torture the person ruthlessly after he has surrendered to the wrong forces.