Question: Right from the day I joined the path, I have always been concerned about your safety when you are in public. How can I make sure that my concern is not just inviting in wrong forces?

Sri Chinmoy: Worry-power does not help. Only love-power will help. Whenever a thought that I will be attacked comes into your mind, feel that tremendous love is coming from my heart, and immediately try to enter there. Enter into my heart and try to get as much solid love as possible. Once you have received a large quantity of solid love from my heart, then try to spread it so that the whole room is flooded with my love. Many people in the room will be able to receive this love that you are offering. And if there are wrong elements that are about to attack me, they will be compelled to surrender to my love-power. My love-power is omnipotent because it is coming from my soul. It can easily conquer any undivine forces or destructive forces. They will either be illumined or frightened.

Since I have come to America, hostile or destructive forces have tried to attack me many times while I have been giving talks or concerts, or while I have been in other public places. But he whom God wants to save, nobody can kill. Again, if God feels that someone's time has come, then who can save him? Lord Krishna was very, very strong, but his weak point was the sole of his foot. When it was time for him to go, an arrow from a hunter entered into the sole of his left foot and poisoned him.