Question: Does the Supreme ever think that He made some mistakes when He created the world?

Sri Chinmoy: When I am in my monkey-consciousness, I may joke around and say that He made the worst possible mistake. But when I am speaking seriously, when I am not speaking nonsense or even imagining nonsense, I feel that my Lord Beloved Supreme never has made any mistake and never will make any mistake. For Him there is no such thing as a mistake. For Him there is only one Reality: Dream. That is what He is. When we look at God the Dream from various angles, we call these angles realities. But actually, it is the Dream which is in the process of blossoming into reality. What we think of as reality does not exist in the inner world. There is only Dream.

You can say that God has millions and billions of Dreams or just one Dream. It is like a tree that produces countless leaves, flowers and fruits. The Tree, which is God, embodies the universal Dream and also all the individual Dreams. So God Himself is the Dream that is blossoming at every moment, the Dream that embodies Eternity's Vision, Infinity's Heart and Immortality's Life. This Dream has in it will-power, eagerness, vision, creation, manifestation — everything. So how can this Dream make any mistake? When the highest Absolute Lord is All, how can He make any mistake? If we try to divide Him into separate aspects which the mind can grasp, then we will say that one part of Him is more beautiful than another part. But when we see and feel His Unity, we see that He is infinite Perfection, and inside His Transcendental Perfection there can be no mistake.

When we look at something like a beautiful flower, we look at it as a whole. We do not look to see if all the petals are perfectly formed. As soon as we see the flower, its beauty captures us. Its beauty enters into us and sweetens our entire being. This is the experience we can get from the ordinary earthly beauty of an earthly flower. When we see the infinite and immortal Perfection of the highest Absolute Transcendental Lord Supreme, we realise that nothing about Him can be a mistake. Only we have to know that inside this tiny earth-planet He wants to play His own Eternity's Song and dance His own Immortality's Dance.

With our human mind, which we call the 'intelligent' mind, we think that we could have created a better world. Or we think that the reality which is presenting itself so naturally and spontaneously before us should be altered or corrected. But we are making a deplorable mistake. If we try to see the world according to our limited light, we will never be satisfied. We will constantly find fault with the world and see imperfection all around us.

But when we are happy, we feel that everything God is and everything God has created is perfect. How do we become happy? We can become happy only through our conscious and constant surrender to God's Will. If we approach God with devotion and surrender, our life is absolutely filled with happiness. When we develop tremendous sweetness in our heart and life, at that time we feel that everything around us either is perfect or is moving towards perfection.

When Sri Ramakrishna's disciples used to devotedly fall at their Master's feet or devotedly touch the dust of his feet, they used to feel utmost sweetness inside their pranam. Devotion is like a magnet which pulls our Beloved Lord Supreme towards our own heart. And while we are pulling God towards us with our devotion, He is also pulling us towards Him with His Compassion. So there are two magnets that are operating: our devotion and His Compassion. These magnets are stronger than the strongest and sweeter than the sweetest. If we can consciously feel these magnets operating in our lives, then each thought we have will be sweet, and everything that is within us, around us, before us and behind us will be all perfection.

So let us all try to love God and be devoted and surrendered to God, for our own divinity has come from Him. Our divinity and His Divinity go together, like the drop and the ocean. Again, we have to know that the Ocean has the capacity to treasure the little drop infinitely, infinitely more than the little drop can treasure the Ocean.