Question: That time when you spoke about the sun getting old, you also said the Supreme was getting ready to use His Justice-Light after thousands of years of using His Compassion. How are these two things connected?

Sri Chinmoy: The way the earth and sun have become old, our human habits and propensities also have become old and dim. So inside the earth-consciousness God will put new dynamism, new light, new hope and new inspiration. God will inject these things in order to illumine the earth-consciousness. But when something new comes, if our receptivity is not strong, we become frightened. If the old vessel, which is the earth-consciousness, is receptive enough, then these changes will be taken as illumination. Otherwise, they will come as torture. When the Supreme brings a new reality, it can be taken as illumination or torture, depending on whether the earth-consciousness is ready to receive it or not.