Question: You tell us to give you the things that are bothering us. But when I do that, I feel I am attacking you and hurting you.

Sri Chinmoy: Do not forget that I am an ocean and you are a drop. You cannot destroy the peace, love and joy that I have and that I am. If there is a serious problem, sometimes I have to accept it on the physical plane before I throw it into the Universal Consciousness. When I deal with someone’s problems in the normal way, it may take a few months or a year before the situation is resolved. But when the force attacking the disciple is very powerful and the case is very serious, sometimes my compassion comes forward in such a way that I want to solve the problem immediately. So I take the force attacking the disciple into my physical body. Then I may physically suffer for a day or for a few days, but that extra suffering is worth having if I can save the spiritual life of the disciple.

Again, many times I just take the forces that are attacking the disciples and immediately discard them. No disciple should be concerned about giving me his mental and emotional problems. As soon as I take them, in a matter of seconds or minutes or possibly a day I can discard them. If I can be of help to my spiritual children, again and again I am ready. That is the reason I have come to earth, to be of service to mankind.

The difficulty with most human beings is that they are ready to give their suffering to God, but not their joy and happiness. If someone does not stand first in a race, for example, he is more than ready to curse God: “I practised for so many months and now I have lost!” Our anger, unhappiness and other negative feelings we are more than ready to give to God. But if we are sincere, we will see that we do not really give them to God; if we did, it would take some time for them to come back to us. Instead, we cherish these feelings in some way because we get joy in blaming God.

Again, if we are successful in something, for five seconds we may show gratitude to God, and then immediately we forget about Him. The happiness we receive lasts for a few hours or a few days; we are keeping it inside us. But gratitude does not blossom inside our heart, and we do not continue to share our happiness with God or offer our gratitude to Him. If we were really sincere, we would give God our joy in exactly the same way that we offer Him our problems and suffering. But no, our joy we want to keep for ourselves. It is only when we fail that we bring God into the picture. At that time, in so many ways we attack Him and blame Him.