Question: Last week I dreamed that my wife was thrown down and killed. Whether it was something false or real I don't know.

Sri Chinmoy: If we take all our dreams seriously, then we will end up in a mental asylum! Some dream symbolism you have to ignore and some you have to take seriously. If you see a dog following you in your dream, that means your aspiration has increased and that you are following your spiritual Master very devotedly. Again, if the dog bites you, it means that you are losing faith or that you have lost faith in your spiritual life or in your Master. If the dog barks at you but does not bite, it means that the dog is warning you that some catastrophe is about to take place in your life. If you see a deer, it means you are going to be able to run very fast in your spiritual life.

Sometimes you may have a dream at night that you are quarrelling and fighting with someone. Then in the morning you will see that individual and he will give you the nicest smile and show you such affection and love. So many dreams are based on absolutely nothing; they are utterly false.

When spiritual Masters have dreams, immediately they will be able to know if the dreams are real. A spiritual Master or a seeker of the highest order will be aware that he is dreaming and he will be able to see the dream with his intuitive or inner vision. At that time, the dream is separate from the vision. If it is an inspiring dream that is eventually going to manifest, he will enjoy the dream. But if it is a discouraging dream, he will just cast it away. Usually, spiritual Masters do not have dreams as often as ordinary human beings. They may have a dream once a year or once in a few years. But in their highest meditation a vision will come to them and they will see what is going to be manifested. Of course, if God wants the vision to remain unmanifested, He can make it so. For God, nothing is impossible. So if we are wise, we have to become one with God’s Will.

Ordinary and uninspiring dreams you should just discard, discard, discard. And if you do have an inspiring dream, do not be upset if it does not manifest. In your dream you may come to a garden and see a beautiful flower, but you may not have the capacity to pluck the flower, or the gardener may not want you to pluck it because he wants to preserve it inside the garden. You can enter into the garden and appreciate the beauty and fragrance of the flowers, but you may not be allowed to bring the flowers home — into the world of reality.