Question: Part of me says it is better to spend all my money on spiritual activities, but a part of me says it would be wiser to save my money for a time of need.

Sri Chinmoy: You have to use your wisdom. It is one thing to spend thousands of dollars on clothing and jewellery, and another thing to spend that money on something that will help you make spiritual progress. You have to know what your soul wants and always listen to the voice of your soul. Some disciples believe in the soul only when it says what their mind or their vital wants to hear. Otherwise they say, "What is the soul? Who is that fellow? Where is he? My human eyes have to get solid proof!" When they do not like the message of the soul, these unfortunate disciples stay in the world of proof.

As long as I am alive, I will definitely tell the whole world that the soul exists. For me, the body, mind and vital are all unreal. Only the soul, which is eternal and immortal, is real. The soul is like a most luminous child inside us. If you maintain a good connection with your soul, then definitely it will take you to the Father. The Father will be eager to spend time talking to you because his dearest child, your soul, has brought you. If you please the divine child in you, who has free access to the Absolute Lord Supreme, then it is so easy to see the Father.

You ask whether you should save your money in case you have to go to the hospital someday, or whether you should spend it now on something that will help you make spiritual progress. It is a question of faith. Spiritual people feel that if they have to go to the hospital, then God will bring somebody to take care of their hospital bills. They have that kind of faith in God. A really spiritual person will not be unduly concerned about the future. For him God is the doctor, God is the hospital, God is life, God is death, God is everything. Others may set aside money for when they are fifty or seventy or ninety. But in five seconds God can take you away from this world if He wants to. If you keep all your money in the bank indefinitely, then one day it will accompany you into your coffin or into your grave. But it will never be able to take you to Heaven. Never!