Question: If crows are so bad, is it the ignorance in me that enjoys watching them so much?

Sri Chinmoy: Why do you have to call them bad? If somebody tells you that something bad is about to happen, then you can do something about it. In the Mahabharata, Narada warned Savitri that the man she wanted to marry, Satyavan, was supposed to live only for a year, but she still wanted to marry him. Then, during the whole year she was preparing herself by praying and praying.

Sometimes when people die unexpectedly in a plane crash or car accident, their dear ones feel sad because they did not have the opportunity to prepare themselves. Again, sometimes people feel sad when a dear one is lingering in the hospital for months and months in a coma. Outwardly they are showing sympathy and acting miserable, but inwardly they are saying, “For me to go to the hospital every day is so difficult! Why can my relative not die today!”

Anyway, you like crows. At one point you did have a crow incarnation, but from the crow incarnation you did not take human incarnation. The crow is there, but after the crow I am seeing something else. You could not be so faithful to the Supreme in me if you had not had a dog incarnation.