Question: Is the soul of America still as receptive to the spiritual message that you are offering as it was when you first came to this country?

Sri Chinmoy: When I came to America, I came with tremendous enthusiasm and cheerfulness and many, many positive, illumining and fulfilling qualities. I was carrying within me a hope-sky and a promise-sun. At that time, the soul of America and the heart of America gave me the warmest response. But, unfortunately, the mind, vital and physical consciousness of America were not ready to receive my light, even before our so-called manifestation work started.

Even now the soul of America has boundless, boundless, boundless love and appreciation for me, and the heart also has boundless appreciation for me, according to its capacity. Unfortunately, the other aspects of the country are lagging behind. But I will never give up — never! Even when I leave this mortal coil and pass behind the curtain of Eternity, my soul will continue to work in and through the physical consciousness, the vital, the mind and the heart — not only for America but for the entire world. I am grateful that the Supreme in me chose America and that the Supreme in me still wants me to be in America. My heart of infinite gratitude I shall always offer to the soul of America.