Question: Could a spiritual Master totally remove the mind from a particular person and put another mind in its place if the person is an adult?

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you are forty years old and for a special reason God wants you to stay on earth for another fifty years. Perhaps your heart, vital and body are extremely good, but your mind is not surrendering to God's Will. You could make the fastest progress, but your mind is standing in your way. In a case like this, God could ask a spiritual Master to replace your mind with a new mind. It is done with good intentions and infinite Grace.

If it happens, it is like an experiment. If it works well, then it is a miracle. But sometimes the old mind does not want to leave, so it comes back. When a Master puts in a new mind, it is like coming up with a new machine that has more capacity and potentiality than the old machine. You expect the new machine to perform well, but sometimes it does not work.

But things like replacing minds happen very, very rarely because they defeat God's Purpose. If God has to put in another mind, then it defeats whatever purpose He had in giving the original mind to the individual.