Question: If a person gets a new heart, mind or vital, is he consciously aware of it?

Sri Chinmoy: Someone will not know that his heart has been replaced, but he will have better feelings, higher feelings. Somebody may have had a bad mind for many years, but now he is thinking good thoughts, encouraging thoughts, ennobling thoughts. The individual will see the difference, but he will not know how it was done. He will not know whether it was God's Grace or the Master's grace or some divine force that has acted.

An individual knows his own mind. Two years ago or twenty years ago he knows what kind of mind he had. He knows his weaknesses. For years and years, let us say, someone suffered from insecurity and jealousy. But now that individual has very little jealousy, very little insecurity. Overnight how could this have happened? He did not even specifically pray for it, but now it has all changed!