Question: Why do people with a soul's connection look alike?

Sri Chinmoy: When two persons are really fond of one another, they try to emulate or imitate one another’s good qualities so they can be more worthy. If they are really fond of one another, each one thinks that the other one is super-excellent. So a woman will say, “She is beautiful. Since I am her friend, let me try to be as beautiful as she is.” A man will say, “He is such a good warrior; he is such a great singer. Let me try to be like him.” They have such feelings for one another that they try to be the same. They feel their oneness and want to be indivisible. So if you really care for someone and have tremendous love for that person, then even on the physical plane you want to resemble one another. Many, many times you can see the soul’s connection in the face. Again, in many cases there is no physical resemblance at all. Two people may have a very strong soul’s connection but look totally different.