Part II

SCA 272-278. Questions asked on 21 March 1996.

Question: When a jury is deciding a verdict, is there any karma involved if they find somebody guilty who happens to be innocent, or vice versa?

Sri Chinmoy: If no deception was involved, if the mistake was made unintentionally and they were absolutely convinced that their way of dealing with the case was perfect, then the Supreme may forgive those persons because of their innocence. Again, He also may give them a kind of punishment.

If you are the supreme authority in dealing with someone and you make a mistake because you are unaware of the law, then it is a very serious matter — especially if somebody is hanged or some other very serious punishment is given. When one is a judge, one has to know one’s business thoroughly. If it is a matter of one or two months’ wrongful imprisonment, at that time the Supreme may forgive the person and nullify the law of karma. But if an innocent person is getting a very severe punishment, the utter ignorance of the person sitting in judgment will not save him. The person who is the judge is supposed to know more about the case and have enough wisdom to deal with it properly. He will not be excused just because he is unaware; he should have more wisdom and capacity.