Question: What do you mean when you speak about our highest meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Each one has his own standard. My highest meditation may not be as high as somebody else’s highest. According to my own standard, today I may have my highest meditation; then tomorrow perhaps my meditation will not be so high, and the day after tomorrow my meditation can be lower than the lowest. When we have our own highest meditation, it is because on that day our love for the Supreme, our devotion to the Supreme and our surrender to the Supreme are most remarkable. Or you can say that God unconditionally showers His Compassion on us that day, and that is why we have such love, devotion and surrender. Or perhaps God wants to do something in and through us on that day, and He finds us ready to accept His Compassion.

When the outer world is tempting us or beckoning us, we have to remember these happiest moments. It was because of the things that we chose in our life — our love, devotion and surrender to God’s Will — that we got the highest bliss. So if we can remember that bliss when unaspiring forces are attacking us or we are allowing ourselves to be attacked by them, then we will be inspired to resist these hostile forces.