Question: If someone is connected with a particular god or goddess, does that god or goddess show special concern for that person?

Sri Chinmoy: Provided the person leads a good and spiritual life, concern is definitely there and these cosmic gods and goddesses will help. In a school, not all the students are of the same standard; the teacher has to teach every Tom, Dick and Harry. But if there are some excellent students who give the teacher joy, he gives those students more attention. Privately, he tells them, “Come to my house. I will teach you more.” But a third-class student he will teach only during school hours. In the spiritual life also, if somebody is a good seeker, that person will get more attention and inner concern from the cosmic god or goddess who is ruling his destiny. But again, the cosmic god has only limited authority over the person; only the Supreme has full authority.

In the beginning, the cosmic gods and goddesses will help the seeker in so many ways when the seeker is praying and meditating. Then, when they see that the seeker is going beyond their height or domain, at that time they stand against him. First they feed you and feed you; then they stand in your way. But if you can go beyond them, they again become extremely close to you and try to help because they see that you have direct contact with the Absolute.

Again, if one has a spiritual Master, the cosmic gods do not get involved. Because the spiritual Master keeps direct contact with the Highest, the Absolute Supreme, on the seeker’s behalf, the cosmic gods or goddesses become like dear relatives. With relatives we do not keep daily contact. Once a month or once in six years we may see them. But with our father and mother we keep contact every day. So our spiritual Master is the one with whom our soul has to keep a daily connection.