Question: Is surrender like going to a new country — one day you are there and then you never leave it?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not like going to a new country; it is like returning to our original country, our own home. It is like returning to our Source. If it is reluctant surrender, we do not reach the Source; we get lost before we reach our home. If it is cheerful surrender, we go to our Source, which is all Delight, and stay there for some time. It is like entering into a flower shop — immediately we are inundated with the fragrance of flowers. If we enter into a place that has ecstasy and light, then definitely we will be inundated with these qualities.

Again, the intensity or profundity of joy we get from cheerful surrender is not the same as what we get when we make unconditional surrender. Unconditional surrender, even if it lasts one minute, brings the sweetest joy. I am not talking about the thought of surrender but about the act of surrender. If we make unconditional surrender in a particular action, for days afterwards we will feel so proud of that surrender. If we make unconditional surrender for a few minutes at a time for several days or months — even if it is not done every single day or all at a stretch — it will be an achievement that we can treasure for the rest of our life. As soon as we think of it, we will be the happiest and proudest person.

Each and every disciple of mine has made unconditional surrender to God's Will for a few minutes or for an hour at least once in this lifetime. But I doubt that any of you have done it for a whole day. It is impossible for you right now; after two hours or so something goes wrong.