Question: Guru, why are you always making sure that we are comfortable and are eating enough, rather than teaching us austerity?

Sri Chinmoy: When the Buddha did not eat, at that time did he realise God? It was only after he started following the middle path that he got enlightenment. We also are not going to the extreme. Because of my Indian background, my compassion, affection and kindness come to the fore. So I ask you, "Have you eaten?" I am not telling you to eat like ten pigs! Only I want you to eat as much as your body needs.

Knowing perfectly well that her child has eaten, the Bengali mother will tell him, "I will give you a coin for each sweet that you eat." Then she will give him rasgulla. I had that kind of mother; she always wanted to feed me. That is called either affection or stupidity. Even after the child has eaten, she will put something else in his mouth and get such joy when he eats it. But the next day she will be the sufferer when the child has stomach problems.