Question: Is there anything that your disciples can do in this life so that in our future lives we can remember that we were with you and what we did?

Sri Chinmoy: If a disciple can please the Master wholeheartedly while he and the Master are on earth, then in the disciple’s next incarnation he will have inner experiences or spiritual dreams right from childhood. Those who establish a very, very soulful connection with me in this lifetime will feel me inside their heart right from childhood in their next incarnation. Also, they will come into a family that will have a picture of me in the house. Millions of families keep pictures of Krishna or some other spiritual figure. In some cases, as soon as the children see a picture of that spiritual figure, they get such powerful inner feelings. Similarly, those who establish the closest connection with me while I am on earth will get joy even when they hear my name in future lifetimes. And if they see my picture, no matter which picture it is, they will get tremendous joy. Everything depends on the soul’s connection established while the Master is alive. If there is no inner hunger, an individual will get almost nothing from a Master — no matter how great the Master is. Many people knew who Buddha and Krishna were when they lived on earth, but most of these people rejected their light. The Buddha had infinite Compassion, but people felt, “I don’t need it. Who cares if he is inwardly the richest man? I am happy to remain a beggar in the street.”