Part III

SCA 329-332. Four questions asked at Aspiration Ground by some of Sri Chinmoy's younger disciples who were visiting New York from abroad in early September 1994.

Question: When I am in New York and near you physically, I feel that your grace and protection is stronger than when I am home in England. Is this just my imagination, or is it really true?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on your love and oneness with me. The Supreme's Protection inside me is omnipresent. But when you are here and you can see me with your physical eyes, you feel it more; that is the advantage of being in my physical proximity. Actually, this Protection is everywhere. So if you see me as a God-realised person, then you will feel that no matter which part of the world you are in, the Supreme in me will protect you with utmost compassion and affection because of your prayerful, soulful life.

If you have the right attitude towards your Master's physical presence, then you can get the utmost benefit. Otherwise, the mind can be tricky. You will see me limping and immediately your doubting mind will say, "Oh, he cannot even walk, so how is he going to protect me!" But if your aspiring heart comes forward, it will say, "Even if my Guru cannot walk for some inner or outer reason, I know that he is one with the Supreme and I have utmost faith in him."

The advantage of coming to see me in New York is that it helps you to renew your inspiration and aspiration. Undoubtedly, the two weeks that you come here for our April and August celebrations are like a refueling. Many people come with practically no inspiration, but they go back with new inspiration and new aspiration.