Question: How can we overcome our unwillingness?

Sri Chinmoy: If we know that we are supposed to do something good, then we have to take unwillingness as a naughty boy, as a naughty little brother. You are telling your little brother, who is four years old, “Come and eat! It is time for you to eat.” But he is fooling around and he does not want to eat. So what do you do? You grab this little brother and say, “You must eat. Otherwise I will not allow you to remain here.” First he will start misbehaving. He will strike you, kick you and do all kinds of things. But when he sees that you are much stronger than he is, then he will surrender. So, unwillingness we can take as an individual, as a very, very naughty and mischievous boy.

You have to feel that your inner strength is infinitely greater than the strength of this little mischievous boy. You know that your strength — your physical strength, vital strength and mental strength, your strength in everything — far surpasses the strength of that little fellow. So you grab him. First he will be naughty; he will strike you. Then he will become tired. He will see that you are stronger, infinitely stronger, and then he will see that what you are saying is the right thing. When he is ignorant, he does not want to do the right thing, but afterwards he will do it gladly.

You have to be very, very strict with unwillingness. Early in the morning, if you are supposed to get up at six o’clock but unwillingness comes or lethargy comes, then immediately just jump up on the bed and start raising your arms and legs. You have to be abrupt with unwillingness, quicker than the quickest! Unwillingness is something that has developed very slowly inside us, and it is very, very destructive. The source of unwillingness is the mind, not the body or the vital. It comes from the mind that has become very idle and lethargic. So, early in the morning or any time, bring the heart forward and make yourself feel that the strength of your heart is much more powerful than the strength of your unwilling mind.

Unwillingness will fight, as I said. The little brother will fight, but when he sees that you are much stronger, then he will surrender and feel that what you are saying is the right thing for him to do. So, always take unwillingness as a mischievous, naughty boy.

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