Interviewer: May I ask you about your bird drawings? This idea came to you about six years ago?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, in December 1991, to be precise.

Interviewer: Was it a dream, a vision, an understanding?

Sri Chinmoy: It was a special inspiration. It came to me in a flash, but it did not come from my mind. I do not use my mind to know what I am supposed to do from one moment to the next moment. Being a seeker, I only pray to God to guide me in His own Way. I pray: “Please make me a choice instrument of Yours. Do utilise me. Please give me the capacity to inspire people and at the same time enable me to be of better service to You.” That is my prayer.

This year my Beloved Supreme has inspired me to offer fifty concerts honouring India’s independence. India achieved her independence fifty years ago.

Do you come from Japan?

Interviewer: I was born there, yes.

Sri Chinmoy: This year I was there for two months. My most favourite place is Lord Buddha’s statue at Kamakura. I have been there seven times, and two or three times I have given concerts in front of the Lord Buddha.