Interviewer: Did you say, "He who serves, prays?"

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly! We serve others because we see them as the embodiment of God. God manifests Himself in and through each human being in a particular way. In a family each and every one may have a different vocation: one will be a doctor, another a musician and so forth. But they are one family. In the evening they come and eat together. Each individual is unique in his own way, and this uniqueness has to be utilised for the betterment of the world.

It is absolutely true that he who serves God is also praying, and in the same way, he who prays is also serving God. Let us say that someone is praying inside a cave in the Himalayas. If he becomes a good person, there will be one less undivine person on earth. In that way, the person praying in the Himalayan caves is also serving humanity.

Again, he who is offering his service is also praying in a special way. An unaspiring person will not dedicate his life even for a fleeting second. A good person will dedicate his entire life. This dedication is nothing other than aspiration. One who embodies light cannot be separated from one who offers his light to the world at large.