Part I

SCA 436-442. Sri Chinmoy answered questions on obedience on 26 May 1997.

Question: Does disobedience arise from our lack of oneness with the Supreme in you?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, that is absolutely true! If you use your mind of separativity, then you will not be one with the Will of the Supreme in me. If you want to be one with the Supreme's Will, then do not use the mind. When the Supreme in me asks you to do something, at that time you have to say, "I do not have a mind. The only thing that I have inside my body is my heart. I do not even have a body; even my body is all heart." Otherwise, inside your heart there will be obedience, but inside your mind, vital and body there will be nothing. But if every part of you is heart, then your existence is like a tree. If you shake the trunk of the tree, then all the branches, leaves and flowers also shake. If you shake a plant, you will see the whole plant shaking from top to bottom at the same time.

From an outer point of view, the various parts of your body have different names. But from the spiritual point of view, they should have only one name, and that is obedience. That is spirituality according to our Indian tradition. If you touch your arm, you have to feel that it exists only to obey the Supreme in me, which is the same as the Supreme in you. If you touch your eyes, you have to feel they are only for your obedience to the Supreme. If you touch your head, your hair, even your toenail, you have to feel that you are touching nothing but your divine obedience. Every part of your body, every cell of your body, every drop of your blood you have to feel is part and parcel of your divine obedience. If this is your feeling, then disobedience can never, never come into existence.