Interviewer: When meeting with world leaders, what do you speak about?

Sri Chinmoy: Today I met with your Head of State. He was extremely, extremely kind, compassionate and loving to me. We are all praying to God to bring about world peace, so when I meet with world leaders we only talk about how we can have a peaceful world. Many world leaders are politicians, but I do not know anything about politics. I meet with them as a student of peace and a lover of peace. They know that I am ignorant about politics, but still they are kind enough to meet with me because they sincerely want to establish peace on earth. So we talk about our prayerful service to mankind and about peace and oneness.

Interviewer: Where does meditation come into this?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation is of paramount importance. If we do not meditate, we cannot have even an iota of peace. Meditation makes the mind calm and tranquil [Sri Chinmoy demonstrates meditation]. With this meditation, I am bringing down peace from Above. If you can meditate for fifteen minutes, a half-hour or an hour daily, the mind will become calm, quiet, tranquil and peaceful.