Question: Will a disciple's love ever equal the Master's love for the disciple?

Sri Chinmoy: The Master's love for the disciple will almost always far surpass the disciple's love for the Master. But again, on very rare occasions some disciples have surpassed their Master. Naturally at that time the one who was previously a disciple will have more love than his Master. It has happened a few times that disciples have far surpassed their Masters.

Until the disciple has realised God the way the Master has done, the disciple will always have less love for the Master than the Master has for him. Even when the disciple realises God, the Master will not be sleeping. The Master will also make progress the way the disciple has made progress, so the Master will still have more love for the disciple than the disciple has for him. Again, as I said, if the disciple far surpasses the Master, which has happened in some cases, then naturally at that time the disciple's love will be greater than the Master's love.