Part III

SCA 51-54. This is the text of Sri Chinmoy's interview with Mr. Shin Inoue, Co-ordinator of Japan Overseas Co-operation Volunteers (JOCV), in Suva City, Fiji, January 1994.

Mr. Inoue: Where does your energy come from?

Sri Chinmoy: Energy comes from a feeling of oneness. If I am a separate person from you, from her, from him, then my energy is very limited; it is only a drop. If I am a drop, if you are a drop, if she is a drop, then each of us has only an iota of energy. But if I establish my oneness with you, with her, with him, then my one drop becomes four drops. The ocean is so vast, but it is made up of countless drops. It is these countless drops that make the ocean vast. When we establish our oneness with others, we become like the ocean, with limitless strength and limitless energy.

We get not only energy but also joy only from oneness. If a tree produces only one beautiful flower or one delicious fruit, we do not get joy from the tree. Only if the tree has many flowers and fruits do we get joy. Again, if there is no tree, how will we have flowers and fruits? So the tree itself is also necessary. Only when the fruits and flowers are together with the trunk of the tree is the tree perfect. And at that time we get real joy.

We will not be able to establish our oneness with others only by thinking about it; that is not enough. We have to pray to the Almighty; we have to pray to our Heavenly Father, who is infinite, to make us one with everybody. When God listens to our prayer, at that time we will get boundless energy.

When our hearts have established their oneness with others, we will have enormous peace in our lives. Inside peace is boundless energy that enables us to accomplish many things. But if what we do does not stem from a true feeling of oneness and inner peace, then our actions will have little value. Politicians are all the time talking about peace, but in most cases this peace comes only from the mind. Unless they are genuine seekers and God-lovers who pray and meditate, their talk about peace is nothing but talk — just useless dictionary words. I will say that I care for peace, but secretly I am trying to stand on top of your head. I say that I will go forward peacefully, but in reality I will move only if you stay behind me.

When seekers and God-lovers speak about peace, it comes from their feeling of oneness; it comes from the heart. This kind of peace is based not on a feeling of separation, but on a feeling of real love and concern. I genuinely care for your success, your progress, your perfection, and you also care for mine. I am not trying to be on top of you or ahead of you. No, I feel that you are inside my heart and I am inside your heart. Wherever I go, I will carry you with me inside my heart of prayer; and wherever you go, you will carry me inside your heart of prayer. So peace comes from prayer and meditation, not from outer talk.