Question: Guru, is it likely that a soul which expresses itself through one of the arts, such as music, will continue to do so in future incarnations?

Sri Chinmoy: If the soul has not completed its task, it may continue in the next incarnation. Again, the soul may feel that it is not necessary to complete the task; it may want to take up another vocation, to enter into another line. Let us say in a previous incarnation a soul took a certain body and became a doctor, but then as a doctor it felt it had not finished its job; it had not learned everything. If it still has the desire, it may continue as a doctor in its next incarnation. Again, one may become frustrated as a doctor in this incarnation; one may feel it is enough. In that case, one does not have to complete the journey in the next incarnation. One may wish to be something else, to pursue a totally different career. Either the soul may continue in the same line and allow the body, vital and mind to strive for greater perfection, or the soul may think it is not necessary. The soul may say, "I do not want to have perfection in that line or satisfaction from that career; I want to change my career altogether." It is up to the soul's will to continue or to discontinue.