Question: What is the connection between the inner sun and the soul?

Sri Chinmoy: They are two totally different things. The inner sun signifies illumination. Spiritual Masters can have many, many inner suns. One individual can also have many inner suns. Sri Ramakrishna once said a particular person, who was a great spiritual leader, had only one sun, but Vivekananda, his Naren, had eighteen suns. Again, Vivekananda had only one soul. A person can have only one soul, but he can have many, many inner suns — one, ten, twenty or more. Ordinary people have one or two, but highly advanced souls can have three or four. Then again, spiritual Masters, according to their height, can have many inner suns. But there is still only one soul. Vivekananda had eighteen inner suns; unfortunately or fortunately, I have many more. One inner sun is enough to illumine a large number of people and many, many countries.