Mr. Inoue: Lastly, Sri Chinmoy, what do you feel is the most natural or best way to live? I used to work in the agricultural field, but now I am having to co-ordinate projects in the office. I feel sad since I think that perhaps the pure life is to be out in the field working agriculturally.

Sri Chinmoy: When you were working in the field, you got blessings from Mother Nature. At that time you got joy and gave joy only to yourself. Now that you are organising and co-ordinating projects, you are connected with many people and giving wisdom and joy to many people. When you were an agricultural worker, you were limited; you did things only for your group. Now you are helping all the groups; you are advising and helping the person who works in the hospital and also the person who works in the field; you are helping the person who is building something and also the person who is working with the poor. You have to feel that you are like a tree with many fruits. One person is taking your fruit and distributing it at the hospital; someone else is taking your fruit and eating it in the field. So you are the source giving help to so many people in so many ways.

When I was young, I used to pray and meditate for hours and hours and hours. Now I have got thousands of students all over the world and I do not have time to pray and meditate for hours and hours. Previously God wanted me to do one thing for myself; but now God wants me to mix with many people and offer them what He has given to me. Previously I was praying to God to take me up, up, up. Now God says, “I want you to spread My Love, My Affection, My Blessings.” So I am travelling to Japan, to Germany, to France and to many other places following God’s Command. And I am doing it cheerfully because I know that it is His Will.

Similarly, the same Person who previously wanted you to work in the field alone to get joy is now asking you to advise this individual and that individual. Your previous job was good, but it was mostly for yourself — just like my life when I used to pray and meditate in India. But your present job is more important because you are trying to help so many people at the same time. Previously God asked you to work in your living room and you were very happy. Now He is asking you to work in the kitchen to make a most delicious meal to give to many people so that they can become strong and also serve Him.

Everything that you are asked to do, you have to do cheerfully. Then you will be pleasing God the most. First God wanted you to live in Japan. Now He has brought you to Fiji. After a few years, He may send you to some other place to serve Him. Wherever you go, you have to be happy. Do not think, “Oh, in Japan I had so many friends and relatives. There I was very happy, but here I have no friends.” No, feel that in Japan you were happy by serving the friends that you had there, and here you will be happy by serving the friends that you will make here. In that way, by serving and serving and serving mankind in different ways, you will become good and perfect.