Question: Should we try to remember our dreams?

Sri Chinmoy: In our case, we have dreams only when we are fast asleep. In God's case, He has Vision when He is fully awakened. Our dreams can be very sweet, sweeter than the sweetest. Again, they can be painful, more painful, most painful. We have no idea what kind of dream we will have. But the capacity of our dream is limited. Even if we have the sweetest dream, let us say the absolutely most beautiful dream, it does not last more than a few hours or a few days. Then we forget all about the dream that we had. We have a vague memory that two years ago we had a dream, but there it ends. In the beginning, for a few days or a few hours, we are thrilled to have had such a beautiful dream, but it does not last.

In the case of a spiritual Master or someone who is spiritually advanced, God blesses that person with the capacity to envision. What does he envision? The past, present and future or the entire universe right in front of him. How can you see the entire universe? It is so wide, so vast.

You have to know that this earth planet is not the only world. There are many, many worlds. What God can do is bring all these worlds right in front of you and show them to you. As it is easy for Him to transform the finite into the Infinite, even so, it is very easy for Him to transform the Infinite into the finite. This moment He can show the entire ocean inside a drop. And again, if He wants to, He can transform the drop into the ocean itself. So the vastness of the universe He can easily bring before us when we develop universal vision or transcendental vision-power, or He can transform that same vastness into something which is smaller than the smallest. We call our experience a dream because we are not conscious of what is happening around us. But for God it is His Vision. I use the term 'Vision' because while He is having Vision He is fully awakened.

I always say today's dream is tomorrow's reality. If you have a good dream, pray to God to manifest it into reality. And if you have a bad dream, pray to God to nullify it as soon as possible so that it does not affect you.