Question: Who is Mother Kali's best friend?

Sri Chinmoy: Mother Kali's best friend is Lord Shiva, her consort, her divine partner. He is absolutely her best friend. Again, some souls of the highest height who have taken human incarnation and have prayed and prayed and have become inseparably one with Mother Kali, like Sri Ramakrishna, have become her best friends. They constantly think of Mother Kali, pray to Mother Kali and meditate on Mother Kali. These lofty souls, who became spiritual Masters, have developed constant oneness, inseparable oneness with Mother Kali. Therefore, they are definitely her friends. On the one hand, they are like children and parents. On the other hand, they are best friends. Best friends are those who confide in each other, who are ready to offer themselves for each other. So Lord Shiva is Mother Kali's best friend. And again, spiritual Masters who have taken human incarnation, such as Sri Ramakrishna, Ramprasad and so on, have become her favourite children and best friends.