Question: Is there any significance in that Mother Teresa and Princess Diana died at nearly the same time?

Sri Chinmoy: For two world figures, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, to go away in one year! Mother Teresa was fully blossomed, but she could have remained here on earth a few more years fully blossomed. And for Princess Diana to be snatched away in the prime of her life — what a tragedy! She was blooming; she did not start blossoming even. Then before she started blossoming properly, death snatched her away.

Mother Teresa rightly deserves rest. She has worked so hard, so hard, so hard for the Saviour Christ here on earth. Meanwhile, Princess Diana wants to come back to this earth plane. Such a difficult task, such a difficult task! But the Supreme showers extraordinary favour on her. For ordinary souls, there is a minimum of six years before they take incarnation again. Extraordinary souls — spiritual Masters or highly, highly developed souls — can stay in the soul's world for a long time or you can say indefinitely. But again, if it is God's Will, the Will of the Omnipotent, no matter how great a human being may be, spiritually or otherwise, God can send that person back to earth with a new name and form in a month or two. Then once again that soul has to enter into the world of ignorance and start leading a spiritual life for many, many years. As it stands, high, higher, highest souls do not take incarnation in such rapid succession. That is to say, they do not come back in six years or ten years.