Reporter: Is lifting a plane different from lifting anything else?

Sri Chinmoy: Elephants are totally different from planes! As soon as you see the elephant standing in front of you, you get frightened because it is so huge. The one that I lifted was over 8,000 pounds, and when it was standing on the lifting platform it was only a few feet away from me. When I lift an elephant, for some reason I feel that I need more strength.

When I lift planes, I get a feeling of lightness from the plane itself. Plus I get a kind of inner thrill or joy because I fly in planes.

Reporter: Yes, it is hard to think of an elephant as light!

Sri Chinmoy: The mind immediately makes us feel that the elephant is such a solid object. How will it be possible to lift it? So I do not use my mind at all; I use my heart and try to establish my oneness with the elephant.