Reporter: What are you trying to prove when you do these things publicly?

Sri Chinmoy: I lift these heavy weights to inspire people. Inspiration is joy. You are so kind to come and watch my lift in this bad weather. Perhaps you will mention it in your newspaper or it may come out on your local television station. In this way, we are trying to spread our inspiration.

When we, as human beings, are inspired, we do many good things for ourselves and also for the betterment of the world. If we are not inspired, then we will have nothing to offer to the world. We may even try to destroy ourselves or others. Inspiration can bring us so much happiness and, if we are happy, then we will also get peace. Inside happiness abides peace. If we are happy, then we will not quarrel and fight with others. We will not find fault with them. If you are happy, you will be kind to me and I will be kind to someone else, and from there it will spread. So this happiness comes from inspiration. That is my simple philosophy.