Part I

Before the Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart programme1

In my heart-garden today I am seeing a few most beautiful and most soulful flowers. I cannot go to Yugoslavia, but Yugoslavia’s soul and heart have come to me. And for that, my heart’s boundless love and gratitude and my soul’s infinite blessings and compassion I am offering to my spiritual children who are now here from Yugoslavia.

From this moment on, I shall grow in the very depths of your aspiration-heart every day, and every moment the beauty and fragrance of your hearts will please our Lord Beloved Supreme. I am extremely happy to have you all in our boat, the Golden Boat. And this boat will without fail carry all of us to the Golden Shore.

Once more, to each of you my heart of love and my life of gratitude I am offering.

SCA 580. On 17 January 1990 in Athens, Greece, Sri Chinmoy lifted a number of his Yugoslav disciples overhead with one arm as part of his Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart programme. Before the lifts he said these words.