Question: There are disciples who are faithful to you, but they do not believe in God.

Sri Chinmoy: We are here inside a hall. Before we enter into this hall, we can have any opinion about it. Somebody will say this hall can be illumined and somebody else will say this hall is all darkness. Then you become the judge. You come into the hall to see if there is light or if it is all dark. If it is all light, it is up to you to remain in this hall or leave. When people are well-educated in the mind, it is difficult for them to feel something inside their heart because they are using their mind too much. The mind immediately starts doubting. If someone says I am a very bad person, I think perhaps it is true. I may be a very good person, but the moment you say I am not good, I start doubting my own good qualities.

But if I feel deep inside my heart that I am a good person, then no matter what anyone says, even if twenty people say that I am a bad person, I will not believe them because my heart is telling me that I am a good person. I know that I have done many good things in this life. My mind can tell me twenty times that I am a good person, but still I do not believe my mind. I say, “Perhaps it is true, perhaps it is not true.”

These people who are using their mind say they do not believe in God. But I wish to say that they do believe in something. For us God is all Love, all Compassion, all Forgiveness. At this moment, if their father or mother is dying, they will say, “Please save them.” They will ask someone to help. They may not use the term ‘God’, but at that time they are praying to God for help. The One they do not know is God.