Question: I have been taking driving lessons and I wonder if I am going to pass.

Sri Chinmoy: I am not a soothsayer or an occultist. I am an ordinary human being like you. I can pray to God on your behalf, but you will pray to God to help you pass, whereas my prayer will be a little different. I learned it two thousand years ago from somebody. My brother Jesus Christ taught me: “Let Thy Will be done.” I can pray to God that His Will be done in your driving, but what His Will is I cannot tell you.

In Jamaica, West Indies, one ex-disciple failed her driving test at least five times. It was too much, too much! Her husband did not have proper vision, so she had to learn. Every time she failed, she was so miserable. I was miserable too. When the sixth time came, I said to her, “All right, for God’s sake, this time you have to pass.” Luckily, that time she passed.

Whether you pass or fail in your driving, even if you fail one hundred times, I will not feel miserable. I will feel miserable only if your consciousness descends. If you are driving inwardly with aspiration and dedication and that aspiration or dedication descends, then I will feel miserable. Otherwise, when it is a matter of these outer things, you will try your best to pass the examination, but when you are here in front of your Master if you have to think of your driving test, whether you will pass or fail, then it is a waste of time. There are infinitely more important things to do when you are in front of your Master.

The best prayer of all is the one Jesus Christ taught us: “Let Thy Will be done.” Repeat this and you will be the happiest person. Otherwise, you will be happy only if you pass the examination. If you can sincerely pray to God for the fulfilment of His Will, you will see that your happiness will be infinitely, infinitely, infinitely stronger and more fulfilling than when you ask for the fulfilment of your own desire. There is every possibility that He will fulfil your desire, but your aspiring heart will not be pleased.