Question: In some kinds of manifestation I find that I don't often have as much fun because they are more competitive. Should those certain things not be done?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are in the competitive world with your brother and sister disciples, my advice is to establish more oneness. Otherwise, if you increase your tendency to compete with others, it will end in destruction. By hook or by crook you will try to defeat your colleagues, your friends, or our other spiritual Centres. So this competitive attitude has to be nipped in the bud. Definitely compete with yourself. That is essential. If you were angry with someone yesterday because they did something wrong, then today try to forgive them. See how much you can identify yourself with their weaknesses. That kind of competition is for your self-improvement. Examine how much tolerance you had yesterday and today see if you have increased your tolerance. Then you will see your progress. But if you say that you are right and somebody else is wrong, then you are only exercising your supremacy. This kind of competition with others is destruction.

Of course, in a race you are running on the same track with other runners. Here, although you are competing, you are not trying to defeat those other runners by hook or by crook. No, your goal is to see if you are running well. You will run together because sometimes there is joy when people are doing the same thing. If you are competing with others, you have to remember that you are not competing with the person who is beside you or with those who are in front of you or behind you. You are only competing with yourself. Otherwise wrong ideas will come into your mind. Your attitude will be to defeat that person by hook or by crook. Then it is your destruction. But if you are only competing with others in order to run the fastest, to do your best, then whatever result comes, you will be happy.